Overcoming the post travel blues

Overcoming the post travel bluesTravelling is awesome and fun but what follows after travel is a more distressing state. The state can lead to decrease of psyche or wellbeingof a person and can also lead to poor production. Such a state or condition can be a post travel depression. Getting back to your normal routine after a successful vacation can cause a lot of disorientation. However, as hostile as the blues may seem, they can be managed and dealt with. The following can be practiced to help deal with travel  blues.

Adjusting physical changes

After travelling, you may experience a jet lag. This is a syndrome which normally happens due to the change of time zones. Not only does it interfere with your sleeping time, but also the quantity and quality of your sleep. Here is what to do to overcome this syndrome

  • Re acclimate yourself by going and getting up to bed earlier or later for a number of days before you plan your return.
  • While on vacation, try to maintain your usual sleep schedule, if possible. This helps in making the transition in your normal life easier.
  • Avoiding alcohol and caffeine a few hours before going to bed can be of great help.


Exercising reduces stress and fatigue. While you are on a vacation, have a workout routine that will help you during the exercise. Even after the vacation, you should continue with the exercise as they make the brain to release endorphins which helps fight depression. The idea of exercising while on vacation may seem daunting, but it can be very easy to accommodate with a little planning.

Have some days to spare before you return to work  after travel

It takes a lot of time and struggle to be able to adjust to your normal routine after a vacation. For this reason, you need to give yourself a day or two to get back to your normal work/routine. If possible, schedule your return on a weekend so that you have sufficient time to deal with travel sickness. Even if you never experienced any jet lag, it can be challenging to return back to work after a successful vacation full of fun and good memories.

Feeling the post travel blues is very sad feeling, here are 11 ways to beat your post-travel depression and relax yourself.

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