The best time to visit South Africa

South Africa has an ultimate all year round experience with a mix of desert land, temperate woodlands, tropical coastlines, and snow-capped mountains. The natural scenery in the country is breathtaking with the view of a table mountain behind the city scenery.

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map of south africa


Safaris require drier weather for the ultimate travel experience. Generally the period the months of May and October, the Southern hemisphere winter usually has clear warm days with chilly nights. The less greenery on the trees makes it very easy to spot wildlife hidden in the bushes. Dams and waterholes are the best places to get the best sightings as this period does not have enough water for the wildlife. During this period self-drive in parks such as Addo and Mkhunze can be done since the roads are in a better condition. However game reserves located near Cape Town are exempted from this rule and are best travelled the period in between the months of November and March.

Cape Town

Each season in this city has its unique blend of benefits hence making it an all-round destination. The region has amazing scenery which can be easily experienced during the hot and dry months of summer season. The reliable weather is seen in the period between November and January. This appropriate weather gives one an opportunity to browse outdoor markets around the city. A clear view of the spectacular beaches at Cape Peninsula is amazing or even a hike at Table Mountain.


These mountains are among some of the top attractions for hikers in South Africa. The best weather to visit the place is the fall from April to May where warm and dry days are accompanied by cool nights. The mountains brag green and beautiful scenery from the beginning of the summer rains. During the heavy rains, the mountains boast a spectacular view of its many waterfalls.


The country’s twin coastlines offer a wide range of activities to new travelers. The summer from November to January is suitable for sunbathing with hot temperatures however some locations such as Zululand experience high humidity and thunderstorms during the same period. During the period from June to October southern right whales and humpbacks swim to their breeding grounds in Mozambique. As they swim close to the shore, one can easily see them. Scuba diving and shark diving can be experienced all year long with no offseason.

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